Many people depend on their cell phones for everyday work and play. When a phone is cracked, damaged by water, or not functioning properly, it can make life difficult. Chances are we’ve all gone through it at some point or another — we lose our grip on our cell phone and watch it tumble into a sink full of water or a toilet, crack the screen on the pavement or tile floor, or a variety of other kinds of damage. Our goal is to make you one of our many happy customers by repairing your device quickly for a fair price.

Transparent Pricing
Simply start by filling out our Free Quote Form. We’ll get you an estimate. All prices include parts and labor. There are no up front fees, no surcharges, and no surprises later! Whether there has been water damage, screen cracking, an electrical fault, or a failed part, you can get expert repairs from SGT FixIt’s Phone Repair.

Fast Turnaround
If the part your device needs is in stock, we will have your repair done within the same business day. If parts need to be ordered, we will advise you on when your repair can be completed.